Help Jason & Jodi have an Epic Sabbatical!

While rest is one of the goals of a sabbatical, Jason and Jodi are taking very intentional steps for it to be a time that impacts their ministry indefinitely. In the same way, their sabbatical will impact Greenville Grace in ways we can’t fully predict.

As was mentioned previously (click here to see the previous mention, click here to hear the Vision Night audio when we first presented the concept), the Bradshaws have a game plan with CrossPoint that will allow them to take full advantage of their sabbatical. The following are ways you can help support them and maximize the effect of the sabbatical upon all of us:

  1. Love Offering
  • We knew that a sabbatical would include costs for the church. (For example, CrossPoint consulting, providing an honorarium to worship leaders.) While we desire that this sabbatical be a “gift” to Jason and Jodi, it can also cause increased financial strain for them in lodging, travel and food. Our church is in a position to be able to cover these costs, but we wanted to give you the opportunity to personally respond out of love for the Bradshaws.
  • From now until June 1, you can support the Bradshaw family through a love gift to cover sabbatical expenses. (Checks or cash can be placed in an offering envelope with “sabbatical” listed on the “other” line.)  The reason we chose a Love Offering opportunity for the body is:
    • It’s a personal expression of love. Yes, giving to the general fund is giving to all the ministries of Greenville Grace. However, this Love Offering provides a more personal way to feel like you are supporting and communicating love.
    • It keeps our General Fund healthy. Just because something is budgeted doesn’t mean the money is automatically in the account. Currently, our expense to giving ratio has been quite healthy. Supporting the Sabbatical with giving above and beyond your regular giving helps keep our funds in a healthy condition.
    • It provides opportunity to support above and beyond. We have set aside figures for CrossPoint consulting, honoraria for worship leaders and a figure to help offset extra expenses for Jason and Jodi. Any amount given beyond these expenses will automatically go to Jason and Jodi, thus increasing the blessing from the church!
2. Prayer
  • Please be praying for the Bradshaws while they are gone. This is not simply an extended vacation, but is a time of spiritual work. While we can plan out certain elements, there will be a lot of unknowns (James 4:13-17). Pray not only for details (travel mercies, cooperative weather, etc), but also that the Lord would grow them and us wherever it may be that He desires. We truly want to be open to His leading. Pray for Cameron, the elders and others at Grace that will also be picking up other responsibilities. Pray that they do not just “survive” the season, but thrive and grow through the experience as well.
3. Ask about Additional Ways to Support
  • If the Lord brings a way to your mind that you could also serve (ie. gas cards for traveling, mowing their yard while gone, etc), feel free to offer you support to the Bradshaws. If you want to help, but can’t think of ways, go ahead and ask them. Just remember, you need to ask them (or offer) before they leave, as communication will be limited once it begins.

With Much Love and Appreciation,

Your Elder Team. [Danny Wright, Brian Reifsnider, Monty Stump, Jason Bradshaw, Marshall Gipe, Chris Harshbarger, Shaun King, Michael Coate]

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