Announcements for June 25

The information that follows is meant to serve any and all that are ‘formally’ or ‘informally’ a part of the family of Greenville Grace Church. If this is applicable to you, read on! If you’ve found us by ‘mistake’, please, read on, but also know that we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you visit us! We hold 2 services each Sunday at 9 and 11am at 4805 SR 49 S, Greenville, OH. We would love to get to know you!

Today’s Text: 2 Timothy 3:10-17 | Preacher: Marshall Gipe (administrative pastor)

WRIGHT FAMILY SABBATICAL | From May 22 until July 30, Grace is sending Danny and his family on a sabbatical to Rest, Recalibrate, and Renew. Pray for Danny, Charity, and the kids as they tour the western US. Pray that this will be a full and fruitful time where they can be energized and excited for the next 15 years of faithful ministry at Grace.

JUSTIN PALMER | The elders of Greenville Grace would like to present Justin Palmer to the body as a candidate for joining the deacon team. While the elders have examined him, this is not simply an elder decision, but a church decision. Please look over passages pertaining to deacon leadership (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, 1 Peter 5, etc.), and share any feedback (either concerns or confirming his call) you have about Justin being a deacon at Grace. Also, please use this review time as an opportunity to hold your current elders and deacons accountable to their qualifications as well! Questions about the process of becoming a deacon? Contact the church office @ 547-0065.

MOWING HELP NEEDED | The Grace Building and Grounds team is once again looking for volunteers to mow the church lawn this spring and summer. If you have a large mower and a way to transport it, visit the welcome center and sign up for a week! If you don’t have a large mower and would like to sponsor a week’s mowing ($75) there is a signup for that as well. Visit the Welcome Center for details.

GATHER @ THE GAZEBO | We will be gathering at the gazebo again in 2 weeks on July 2nd. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Please bring your own lawn chairs!

| This Wednesday, June 28th, Elevate Youth is excited to welcome our new class of incoming 7th grade students for their first official Wednesday Night Youth! We invite all incoming students to attend from 6:30-8:30pm and to invite as many friends as they want. We’re excited for this new school year and how God is going to work in our students!

SPRING FINANCIAL UPDATE | YTD may 31, 2017 the General Fund giving is $169,138 which is $8,033 (5.0%) over budget. The expenses $164,261 which is $3,115 (1.9%) over budget, resulting in an excess of $4,877 in revenue over expenses. If anyone has any questions and or comments please feel free to forward those to the office, or speak to any of the following finance team members: Linda Fourman, Mike Gallagher, Katie McKee, Kent Powell, or Monty Stump.

LONG STORY SHORT | This week’s lesson: Week 68(Good King, Bad King). Your Children’s Church teacher will spend time working through the basic storyline of this week’s lesson. The lessons in Long Story Short (the book all of our classes use) are broken into 5 days to help facilitate a consistent, Gospel-centered family devotion time in your home. Copies of the book are available at the Welcome Center or by contacting the church office @ 937.547.0065.

| Peanut Butter & Jelly

FINANCIAL GIVING | Average thru 06/18/2017— $7848 | 2017 wkly need — $7436

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