Student Ministry Search Update

We do not have a Student Ministry Director candidate to present or announce, which may lead you think nothing has happened in that area. Quite the contrary, a lot has been taking place and we are getting closer to being able to make a decision on inviting the next member of our staff to join us.

In the last few months, we were able to structure our search process and lay out a good job description for the position, considering the needs at Greenville Grace. We began a search process and have received a number of applications. Recently, we’ve been able to funnel those requests down to a couple really good candidates.

At this point, here’s how you can pray for us:

–Pray for the process. We want to move forward with wisdom and glorify God as we continue to moving forward. At this point, some of the process has to become a bit “organic” in reacting to opportunities and situations rather than rigidly crafted. Pray we move forward in ways that benefit our church and the potential candidates.
–Pray for the students. We don’t want the first time the students meet the candidate to be when he’s already hired for the job! We’d like to see how a candidate interacts with the kids, yet we don’t want to get the students’ hopes up if it didn’t work out for a candidate a student liked. Pray also, with two possible candidates, we definitely don’t want this to have an “American Idol” or “Beauty Pageant” feel.
–Pray for the Youth Staff. They have been awesome! It is their service and attitudes that have allowed us to move patiently, carefully and intentionally. We are so thankful for the ways they have stepped into voids and helped fill them. Pray also that they would be able to make solid connections with the students, even while we’re in a “transition phase.”
–Pray for ~your elders~ all of us. The elders want to lead well. Leading well means not simply making the decision based on the majority view of the congregation, students or even youth staff. However, leading well also means listening intently to students, parents, youth staff and the congregation. Pray that this is not a time that Satan could create divisions, but that we would all be open about communication, sharing thoughts and listening to one another and trusting the Lord to work faithfully in our midst.

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