Vision Night 2018…please join us!

It’s not too soon for you to be planning to join us for our annual Vision Night (January 27, 2019 @6pm). We know “announcement blogs” say this all the time, but “you won’t want to miss it!” Truly though, this is going to be a special time of celebration, and if you’ve joined us before, you’ll notice it will feel a bit different.

This year, we want to celebrate how God has continued to faithfully advance mission here at Grace. We will do that by taking a look at some past, present and future mission blessings that we have seen. That morning, Dave Owens (Associate Director of Sojourn Network) will be sharing with us in the sermon, but also joining us to discuss our planting partnerships and faithful growth we have seen in the Sojourn Network. We’ve also invited to the elders of Gospel Community Church to return and celebrate with us that evening and join us in a panel discussion about joys/trials of their church planting experience. We’ll also provide more detail about our church plant hopes (perhaps for fall of 2020), Lord willing. We’ll also share more about how our “Generosity Fund” allowed us to support many different ministries/missionaries in “spontaneous ways” throughout 2018!

It will be a time of gathering, celebrating and hearing from members of these teams. (And if we’re going to celebrate…that obviously means there will be some light refreshments!) Because of this change in format, it will be even more critical for members to grab a Grace Report when they come out in January, so they can become acquainted with other ministries that have been taking place over 2018.

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