Come to Vision Night!

Our 2019 Vision Night is on Sunday, Jan 27 @ 6p.

Please bring a dessert and join us for a night of celebration!

We will have the Associate Director of the Sojourn Network (Dave Owens) here as well as some elders from Gospel Community Church (our recent church plant in Troy, OH). There will be ample time for you to reconnect with some of the folks from GCC and to get to know Dave as well. Please come!

You will hear from the Elders about what happened in body life in 2018, how we sit financially, what the Lord did through your generosity in 2018, and what we are excited about in 2019.

Right before desserts, Danny will lead a panel discussion with Dave Owens (associate director of the Sojourn Network), Jason and Jodi Bradshaw (church planters that we sent out in 2017 to Troy, OH), and Marco and Lisa Rankin (church planters in-waiting that we would love to see the Lord send out to Richmond, IN when they are equipped and ready).

If you’ve got a question that you would like to have Danny ask these couples (one or all) please email them to him at

To be prepped and ready for the meeting:

  • grab a Grace Report from the table at the back of the auditorium this Sunday and give it a “look-over” (its a quick read)
  • click here to head on over to our blog and read some thoughts from Marshall and Becky about their upcoming sabbatical. (they wont be sharing specifically about it, but this article will help you interact with them about it if you’d like..and please do!)
  • Bring a dessert…and don’t feel pressure to bring something fancy! The fellowship is the main thing, not the presentation of your lemon-lime kiwi infused cheesecake bites.
  • Bring the kiddos. There will be childcare, and we don’t want those small ones to become big reasons that you don’t come!

We will see you Sunday evening at 6p!

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