Men…come to the Spring Study (and bring your sons)!

From February 11 through April 15, the Men’s Ministry at Grace will be offering a study through the book Finally Free. The author describes the purpose of the book:

“Breaking out of the deceitful web of pornography–as many know only too well–does not happen through merely trying harder to change or following a particular method or program. The only sure and effective motivation for change is the grace of Jesus.

In this book, experienced counselor and teacher Heath Lambert identifies eight strategies, each based on the work of Christ, that give people locked in the grip of pornography both the fuel and the road map for change. Each chapter is grounded in grace and clearly articulates how to apply the gospel in particular ways.

Whether you struggle yourself or are trying to help someone who struggles, there is good news: No matter how intense or long-standing the fight, Jesus Christ can, will, and does set people free from the power of pornography.”

We love this book, not just because pornography is a very real and destructive sin that has entered into the church worldwide, but because this book also helps show how the gospel provides victory of any sin. For that reason, we’d recommend the book for any man:

–Who has felt the temptation of pornography, whether you feel stuck in its grasp or not.
–Fathers and youth group aged sons. The culture we live in today, your sons will have to deal with pornographic images, whether they go looking for them or not.
–Men who want to grow in applying the gospel to any temptation or sin habit, no matter what it may be.

We’ll start the study on February 11 (and pass out books that night), but there is no prep that first evening. You can either order the book on Amazon, or if you sign up by this Sunday, we can order the book for you. Cost is $20 if you order the book through us. Childcare if provided. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

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