Akers Update (Housing)

As Ben and Amanda are arranging details for their move to Darke County sometime in April, many of you have suggested and provided information about potential jobs in Amanda’s field. Thank you! Another area of emphasis for them is housing. Ideally, they would love to rent when they first move to our area as they get a feel for locations and their own finances. While the picture does include their daughter Paxton, it does not show you their full “family”. They also have a husky and a husky/lab mix (Deacon & Tozer) which can make renting a little trickier. They’re good dogs, but not the tiny “cat like” creatures that some of you claim are canine. Do you know of a rental that will allow dogs? If so contact the office at 937.547.0065 or office@greenvillegrace.org and we will pass the information along to them.

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