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15 More Songs to Invest In

Last year, we introduced a list of 26 songs that would be good to spend some money on. That list represented the most used songs during the period stretching from April of 2014 to April of 2015. Well, it is now May of 2016 and it would make sense to add an addendum to that […]

Apps That Can Aid Spiritual Growth

Smartphones. We seemingly all have them now, don’t we? Sometimes they feel like more hindrance than help in regards to the hectic pace of our spiritual lives. Doesn’t it seem impossible to finish a conversation without getting a call or receiving a text? But let me introduce you to a revolutionary concept—your phone can aid […]

Toward a Definition of Worship

Being that there is a great deal of romanticism surrounding the idea of worship, it is important that we get down to a definition of what worship is.  Otherwise we may be prone to worshipping worship itself, rather than the God who deserves our praise. “there is a profound sense in which excellent worship cannot […]