Sabbatical Q&A’s [yep, our phone’s a’ringin!]

As has been mentioned (here and here), gifting a pastor with a sabbatical is new territory for our church. We have sought advice and have asked questions. The following are questions we’ve heard since Vision Night and that we ourselves have asked. (If these questions do not address something you are wondering, please contact us. Someone else is probably wondering the same thing you are.)

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26 Songs to Invest In

I admit it; we use obscure songs for our corporate worship time. Personally, I love some of the thematic content and Biblical richness that some (albeit lesser known) artists have to offer.

So, here is how I intend to help you; I’ve looked over our song usage for the last year (April 2014 to April 2015) and I’ve identified the songs we’ve used most during that time. Not only that, I’ve provided the artists name and the album you can find it on so the you can go to iTunes or (or spotify) and be an informed consumer.

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