Lessons from Nehemiah

To all those contemplating ministry,

In the first installment of this study there were many lessons to be learned about being personally involved in reaching a lost world during our time.  The church of Jesus Christ of each generation has responsibility for reaching its own generation.  The present church is struggling by not knowing what is going on in the world.  The present church in the US is struggling to reach the world because we are not beseeching our Father to send forth laborers into His harvest, not praying for our missionaries, and not praying for open doors to reach the lost.  We have not confessed our sins and drunk deeply of the Word of God.  We are not reaching our generation, because we aren’t prepared or developing a plan.   When there is a plan we usually don’t include ourselves in that plan.  Also, much like Jerusalem of old, our churches lie waste and we are a reproach for failing to fulfill the ministry to our own generation.

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Hola! from the Dominican Republic

We arrived home to our apartment Tuesday at midnight. Only one hour later than expected due to storms in Miami. We were tired, but glad to be back.

Wednesday Bob had a new Medical Team to meet at the airport in the afternoon, Thursday we were in the clinic, and today Bob is out with that med team. So, life is back to normal for us~

Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers, esp regarding Bob and his brother Dennis. We will keep you posted on how Dennis is doing.

Thanks also for the encouragment we received from many regarding our recent move. We knew we needed to move for various reasons. Hearing positive statements from so many of you was reassuring and a blessing to our hearts. The LORD has truly blessed us with this new place and we are very thankful!

We love you all and miss you, but it is so good to be home!

for both of us

The Gospel is Proclaimed

The following report was submitted by Timothy Wolfe, missionary with SCORE International to the Dominican Republic.

02/20/11 Sunday

We had our first church service in the new Juan Dolio church. We had a full house! After service, we had baptism in the SCORE pool; there were six baptized this morning.

02/21/11 Monday

Today we were in La Colina, the church of pastor Jonnie. We got off to a slow start as we waited for Blanco to gas up the truck and the bus. Finally we left but there was a mix-up on lunch and we had no sandwiches for the interpreters or SCORE staff; this got straightened up a few hours later. The CWE groups always prepare their own meals as they are afraid of intestinal problems and take no chances. We had many people show up for clinic and the CWE team was efficient for their first day. There were two dental stations, an eyeglass station, three medical stations and three evangelism stations. We had close to 400 people in clinic and everyone had the opportunity to hear the gospel and respond. We saw all of the adults who showed up for clinic and finished at a reasonable time.

02/22/11 Tuesday

We went to a large village south of Consuelo named Angelina. SCORE hopes to start a church there; another Baptist church Consuelo has tried for two years without success. We saw 399 people today in the clinic and everyone was presented the gospel. Some said that they were not interested in receiving Christ and eternal life but 108 people professed Christ. The people were told that a church service would be held in their town in two weeks by the SCORE pastors. The weather was hot today.

02/23/11 Wednesday

Today Evelyn went with the medical team down the street to the new SCORE church. Again they treated and gave the gospel to around 350 people. I spent the morning on a small construction project for the clinic; it will be open tomorrow or general medical while today it was open with an Optometrist and had good business. In the afternoon I helped Jim Dixon with a maintenance project.

02/24/11 Thursday

We went to San Pedro to a neighborhood church called Nueva Palestina. It is the second oldest of pastor Geraldo’s seven churches. It is a quiet neighborhood and started off a little slow, but as the word got out we had around 350 people in clinic by the end of the day. People on the team are getting a little tired and it was a warm afternoon, but we saw everyone who wanted medical attention. Again, everyone was given the gospel.

In the evening we had a SCORE meeting at the Embassy suites. The entire SCORE family was there as testimonies were given and Ron Bishop turned leadership of SCORE over to John Zeller. It was a long evening and we got home late. Several people were very tired as they had worked in ministry all day.

Sports, Prisons and… Jesus!

The Highlands Sports Complex

The Highlands Sports Complex

The following report was submitted by Timothy Wolfe, missionary with SCORE International to the Dominican Republic.

1/22/11 Saturday

Lots of exciting things happening today.

  1. We had the dedication of the Highlands.  The Rawlings family was there as were many dignitaries and area pastors.  It was a big event with 4-500 in attendance.  After the ceremonies there was a buffet dinner.  The SCORE family and the Fenton family attended.  A couple representatives from the Dogers and the Reds were there as well as DR sports ministers.  Abby gave the closing prayer.
  2. On the way home, we saw a line of police vehicles followed by a line of school and tour buses.  They had captured Haitians and were taking back to Haiti.  Abby was to go this week and take some needed supplies to a church but the border is now closed.
  3. New Church Site

    New Church Site

    CWE arrives today and will start building the new church.  Here is a picture of the construction site ready to go.

  4. The One Mission Society (OMS) was here with representatives and 6 Columbian pastors.  They are wanting to start a ministry here and now, after talking to us, may eventually join the ministry at SCORE.
  5. Representatives from the McLean Virginia church are here.  The youth group has raised $100,000 to build a child care center and went to Quisquey today to look for property to build it on.
  6. The Bruseau dental team arrived this afternoon and there are allot of familiar faces in the group.  It is good to see them.
  7. 1/16/11 Monday

    Took the medical group to La Pinon today. It is a small church plant about 2 years old, by pastor Maximo. It is a dirty little village with a nice school house. The group gave a gospel presentation, testimonies and preaching both morning and afternoon. They had an area for child evangelism activities and played the Jesus film all day. We had dental, OB-GYN, eyeglasses and general medical. We saw over 200 people in clinic. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

    1/17/11 Tuesday

    Today we took the team to El Seibo which is North and East about 1 ½ hour from SCORE. We went to the prison; it was built to house about 300 prisoners but now has over 1,300. The place is filthy. The men have a courtyard in the middle of around 150 foot square with the 1,300 of them. Men sleep on concrete at night as there are not enough beds. The men get one meal a day and there is no clean water unless they purchase it. The conditions are very hot and crowded. The team saw all kinds of skin diseases. A few men were treated for gunshot wounds. One man was admitted to the prison the night before and was beat up severely and was passing blood. After being seen by the doctors, he tried to refuse to go back into the prison but was forced to. We also saw them bring around 12 new inmates during the day.

    Our whole purpose in being there was to help a prison ministry get a foothold in the prison. The ministry by Dave Walden has permission from the top government officials to establish a rehabilitation program in all of the prisons and we were the second phase of the plan. The plan started on the weekend when 15 local churches did a prayer walk around the prison. There is a church in the prison which is very clean; 50 inmates sleep there on concrete benches. Today Dave brought in a camera crew (Channel 13) from the capital to film our clinic and the conditions in the prison; it will be on national television and bring awareness to the conditions. We treated around 200 today in medical and dental.

    1/19/11 Wednesday

    We went to the San Pedro fire station. It was a beautiful day and we had a crowd of people. Everyday this week we have had people making decisions for Christ; today was no exception. Again, the group gave testimonies, preached and performed a skit. People responded throughout the day. We saw well over 200 in the clinic today. At noon, the fire chief was given 9 turnout suits that had been donated from fire stations in New York. This is really needed as the firehouse has little equipment or money. Much of their equipment is inoperable or in bad condition. Bill Hickey also spent the morning giving an in-service training on EMT and fire medical techniques.

    Timothy F. Wolfe

    John 11:25-27

Greetings from Greensboro Grace

Greetings from Greensboro!

We are so excited and thankful to be able to report that we – Greensboro Grace – have received “official” documentation from the state and are now considered a viable church in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina!! So what??????  Well this is the first of many steps toward establishing ourselves in this community.  This also allows those of you who are supporting us financially to be able to send your gifts directly to Greensboro Grace and mail it to our home address: 5490 Hwy. 65   Reidsville, NC 27320.

Many thanks to Greenville Grace in Ohio and Calvary Chapel Mountainside in Murphy, NC for allowing our gifts to come through them while we waited on the state for this recognition.

WHEW!!  This has been a very full/busy/settling in/entertaining/energizing 8 weeks since we moved.  During these first 2 months of life here we have joyfully opened our home to 7 different families as they prayerfully consider being part of our CORE TEAM at Greensboro Grace.  Our first 3 gifts will come to us in 2 weeks! We are thrilled to welcome Dan, Laura and Rachel Schnelker as they move here from Murphy, NC. They will be living and working in Madison about 10 miles from us.

Prayers answered:

*Incorporation complete

*Elizabeth’s melanomas removed

*Core Team developing

*Establishing good contacts with local people

Prayer requests:

*Date for boot camp

*Commitments of Core Team members

*Continued contact making

*Calendar for the year

*Date for 2011 launch

*Week of meetings in Radford, VA

*Raising remainder of support needed

Serving Him together,

Daniel and Teressa Pierce

Greetings from Greensboro

Thank you all for your continued prayers.  God is answering – it is so obvious to us.  Everything went exceptionally well with our move here on July 5.  Most of our boxes are now empty!!  Many thanks to those in Murphy and Greensboro for your time and labor in helping us accomplish this MAJOR task.

We’re so very encouraged and thankful for the responses of many of you who are considering (relocating here or joining with us locally) being part of our Core Team.  Three families have already visited us here and others are scheduled to come for a visit before September.  We would LOVE to have a Core Team in place before Thanksgiving.  Our desire is for the entire Core Team to attend a “boot camp” together in preparation for the plant.  Boot camp is so valuable.  It’s not only a great strategizing and planning time; but it encourages cohesion and unity among the Core Team.

Prayers Answered

  • Great response from May letter for prayer partners for our ministry.
  • Many hands and servant hearts July 1-5 helped pack and load in Murphy, caravan across the state and unload in Reidsville.
  • House is wonderfully suited for all types of ministry events – especially overnight out-of-towners!
  • Pressure washer sold in Murphy.
  • We were able to purchase a 2nd car (much nicer than we hoped for!) – 2000 Buick-great condition.
  • House is being shown in Murphy
  • We have 50% of our monthly financial support

Church Plant Prayer Request

  • We are projecting an early September 2011 launch date.  This will come QUICKLY…
  • Proactive commitments from brothers and sisters to join Core Team.
  • We need to raise the final 50% of our financial support.

Pierce Personal Prayer Requests

  • Adjustments to living away from family in Murphy.
  • Both our mothers are having health problems
  • Elizabeth will be at Duke having a melanoma removed from her back in the next two weeks (consultation 7/23)

Thanks for loving us and caring about what God is doing here in the Greensboro area.  We are delighted that you are partnering with us.  We love hearing from you all.  Our cell service is terrible in the house and we have gotten a landline.  Our internet should be working here on 7/26 and we will be closing our office Oak Ridge McDonalds Café!  🙂  Please not our new info:

Home Address:

5490 Hwy. 65
Reidsville, NC 27320

Home Phone:  (336) 951-3579


Daniel:   danpierce@mac.com    Cell: (828) 361-7153

Teressa: teressabp@gmail.com  Cell: (828) 361-5381

Joyfully Serving Him,

Daniel and Teressa

What can I do with our Community Garden?

Now that we have one…. what do we do with it and how can it be used to serve the Gospel?

Have a neighbor or a friend that you would like to get to know better and introduce Christ to in a non-confrontational environment?  Consider using the garden as a meeting point to work a little together while building your relationship with the goal of sharing Christ in mind.

Want to get to know your neighbors more but don’t have a good reason for conversation?  Consider using a bit of the garden produce as a conversation starter.  And when the ask where it came from…

Use the garden as a meeting place for a summer LIFE Group outing.  Spend some time working together in the garden and use our patio space (and wonderful new lawn area) for a carry-in afterwards.

Interested?  Contact Glen Markley @ 564.0088 to find out what work can be done, and Marshall @ 547.0065 to schedule a time!

Letter from Grace of Greensboro

To our Greenville Grace family:

We are so excited to share what God is doing in our lives.  Since our letter last month much has happened as we prepare to begin ministry in Greensboro, N.C.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

  1. We had our first “official gathering” on June 11 (which just happened to be our 32nd wedding anniversary!) at the city park in Oak Ridge, NC.  It was a wonderful time of getting acquainted for some of the people praying about being part of our CORE TEAM.
  2. God has directed us to the house we are going to be living in!  This is a GREAT STORY and we’ll share it with you when you come visit us.  Better than we dreamed – we are very thankful.
  3. We have a MOVING DATE: MONDAY, JULY 5.  Any help will be greatly appreciated on either end – Murphy or Greensboro!
  4. We are in the process of “incorporating” our new church and we have received our tax ID #.
  5. We have presently received pledges totaling 30% of the support needed.  The prayer commitments for us have been overwhelming and we are humbled at the outpouring of love and concern that many of you have shown us.
  6. We have made several contacts with people living and working in the area.  Future brothers and sisters!

We need your prayers so much as we seek the Lord’s perfect plan for His new church in Greensboro.

Serving Him together,

Daniel and Teressa Pierce

New Address:
5490 Highway 65
Reidsville, NC 27320

Email: danpierce@mac.com

Cell: 828.361.7153