LIFEgroups are our weekly small group ministry at Grace.  The Church is to be about encouraging one another, praying for one another, holding one another accountable, sharing with one another, loving one another, teaching one another (and much, much more).  When we gather in a large room (especially over two services), we may try to fulfill these privileges with each other, but it just isn’t possible.  Therefore, LIFEgroups exist to:

Pray for one another.

Groups commit to pray for one another and follow up on prayer issues.  It’s a joy to witness evidence of answered prayers and to hold one another up.

Study with one another.

The groups gather together to study the same Scripture from the upcoming sermon message.  Groups read, study, and discuss the passage in advance, looking for ways to apply and hold each other accountable to the Word.

Care for one another.

Whether they are providing hospital visits, care meals, encouragement after having a baby, or help in time of need, LIFEgroups are in tune with one another’s needs and are able to respond immediately.

Enjoy one another.

LIFEgroup members get to know each other better than they would in a large Sunday meeting. They have the delight of seeing Christ touch and bring together lives around Him.

LIFEgroups meet once a week on a variety of days. For more information about LIFEgroups, contact Marshall Gipe (937.547.0065).

LIFEgroup Sign up:

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