We praise God for the continued ministry in which He has allowed us to participate.  The Nilsens and Wolfes continue to serve faithfully in the Dominican Republic and the Pattons continue their work in Brazil.  In 2009, we also were able to participate in Operation Christmas Child, supporting the local Headstart program and VBS continues to develop and grow!  We also sent a couple different teams to the Dominican Republic on a short term basis.  In 2009 Grace Church also joined in offical partnership with Rachel Knight as she serves three southern Darke County schools through Youth for Christ.

The Outreach Team is not supposed to be the only group of people responsible to reach out to a lost and dying world.  We desire to assist the whole church in reaching out.  We hope to do this by assisting more short-term teams to the Dominican Republic (including the youth group!), as well as emphasize church planting.  We are looking to partner and participate in more church planting endeavors as well as raising up leadership within Grace who would be qualified to plant!

In 2010, Danny will be experimenting with “If You Could Ask God One Question” by Christianity Explored.  This study (designed to introduce the faith) will be presented to any interested faculty/staff at Greenville High School.  It is our desire, if it goes well, that this could be used in multiple formats in the community.  We’re also excited to be supporting Mike Walker (GHS graduate, youth group participant) as he serves a ministry in Omaha, NE.

For information about our Outreach ministry, contact Danny Wright (937.547.0065 or outreach@greenvillegrace.org).